Wednesday 22 May 2013

August 12th Track day at Silverstone

We have now booked a client focussed track day on 12th August at the full GP circuit in Silverstone.

Guests will have full access and coaching in a Megane Cup car and then a Caterham R400, allowing two sessions in each car per person.

In addition there will be hot laps in a Caterham SP300R, a prototype vehicle with exceptional down force and grip and my own 968 race car whilst you are between your own driving sessions. It will be a great opportunity to both learn from a race instructor and experience many different types of car, all in one day.

If you don't want to pay to join this day, you may wish to sign up anyway and take your own car along, its £399 all day, we have garages booked you can share along with mechanical back up.

If you are interested please mail me for details and pricing, we are currently focussed on a group of around 8 guests but can extend to more with another car, probably a Lotus Exige. The whole day can be tailored to interest from fellow petrol heads. Why not use it as an opportunity to take a client along?


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