Tuesday 28 May 2013

Amazing surprise

Many of you know I have a big birthday this year and have celebrated part of that this last weekend with a surprise from Mrs G that surpasses anything imaginable in the car world, well just about, as my imagination is pretty good car wise!

I had no idea genuinely where I was going this weekend until we arrived at Heathrow on Thursday, aside from warm and in Europe somewhere.

So we flew to Nice and helicoptered into Monaco for the GP. I had of course then worked it out but couldn't have imagined what was to follow.

We have spent the past few days in glorious weather, we have watched racing including the new GT3 cups, Formula Renault and GP2 along with F1 of course from three different view points, stands, apartment balconies and then from a super yacht on the Sunday as the cars came through the chicane after the tunnel, met many stars with pics to prove it of course including, Eddie Jordan playing with his band on a boat party the first night, David Coulthard on our boat pre race for a briefing, then we sat next to JB yesterday with his other half and his mum in our hotel having lunch.

We were right above the GP2 pile up which is also where Massa crashed twice once before and once during the race, as we looked down from above.

The Gumball was in town too staying at the Fairmont.

Its been party, party, party, fast cars, great people from around the world, so many supercars on the streets they almost became boring and I was only disappointed once by looking for a Dacia Sandero but sadly couldn't find one! We have been to the famous bars, casino, Fairmont Hotel along with our own which hosted the infamous Amber Lounge club each night, had live bands on the boat such as a classic 70/80s band Chic post the race, the place surpassed all expectations by a mile.

Not quite sure what I will do today at 1030am when the champagne doesn't arrive as it has every day since Thursday, the wet weather in London will make up for it I am sure.

Back to reality its testing at Silverstone on Tuesday week with a flurry of car activity over the following three months with track events, race days and car shows abound.

Hope to see you at at least one.


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