My Resume

I have been interested in cars long before I could drive and when old enough, cut my teeth in old Triumphs and Vauxhalls, so became a dab hand in fixing every aspect of these vehicles from epoxy filler, right through to complete engine re-builds, courtesy of the infamous Haynes manual.

After trying competitive rallying briefly, my recent focus has been on open pit lane track days, big road trips, and trying constantly to improve my lap times on many famous UK circuits.

After a dull period of company car usage, I got interested in BMW M cars and then Porsche and have stuck religiously to the brand ever since and until recently drove a latest generation 997 every day.

I have also been lucky enough to try a whole heap of supercars via a London based club called Ecurie 25 which has allowed me to try every car I wanted plus improve my track day skills including trips to the Nurburgring.

So whilst I have never owned an Alfa Romeo, I feel I qualify as a petrol head bore and I know I am not alone out there, so come and join me in a little self indulgence.

More recently I have taken up racing and now run a Porsche 968 in various series

David Grover