Monday 6 May 2013

First race

Well I completed today a key stage in my motoring history, a full blown race against 26 other cars at Brands Hatch on the Indy circuit. Check out my propertypetrolheads Facebook page for pics.

First thanks to the 10 fans I had watching said event in the Classic Car Racing Series and who came along today, i appreciate the support, I hope you had fun, I had a ball!

I managed P19 out of 27 entrants so not too bad, the car went well and I got my fastest lap just before the end, maybe I am better at endurance racing as that was on lap 37! At least I seemed very consistent on my lap times which is good, means a good start to build upon.

So on to the next which is in June......I am already thinking now is it the car that is too slow compared with the others or just me, what can I do to get faster laps etc etc. The sign of a true racer


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