Friday 8 June 2012

Day 7

We are in Stuttgart today and after a relaxing night in the Hilton in Necker Park we were able to walk to the Mercedes Museum this morning some five minutes away.

What a truly amazing building, in fact for me one of the best I have ever been in architecturally. The car and vehicle history was then amazing with every vehicle stunningly displayed in the structure with the history of production cars race cars and interesting machinery. Our picture of four up inside a dustcart being truly memorable.

We then left for Porsche and a quick drive across town. We had lunch in the Christorphorus restaurant and the best food of the trip, great leather seats the same as the cars and car stuff all around. I was getting quite excited.

We then started the museum proper and it didn't disappoint. Parking under the building which was another great piece of architecture, we saw the history of the brand from the 356 onwards to the early 911, all the race cars, a lovely Carerra GT, a 959 and great RS models. A quickstep into the shop afterwards before crossing the street to the biggest dealership ever, including 2 GT cars, one for sale, the new GT2RS and all the new 991 models, along with a bit more shopping. Truly memorable. Next time we will do the factory tour I think.

So the trip is coming to an end now, just the Nurburgring to go tomorrow, some 200 miles north of here.

It's been epic and a must for everyone's bucket list.

We couldn't have fitted anymore in, but we can come back and try again.


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