Thursday 7 June 2012

Day 6

Our trip has become a bit of a blur, not negatvely but just because we have fitted so much in.

So this morning we leave our really nice hotel in Davos after an expensive but great dinner last night and set off for the San Bernadino Pass. It's covered in heavy mist and fog though today so extra scary with visibility so low. But we make good progress and are soon down the other side heading to the Gotthard Pass via various tunnels and fast twisty roads. The weather here is better but still misty in places but a great road if a cobbled start up which was a bit slippery. We enjoyed that though once high up and had more great video footage as a result.

We then made it to the Furka Pass that we went up and down the other side for lunch and then back across heading north via Zurich to Stuttgart. The Furka was the best of all the passes we think, good tarmac, fast sweeping approaches and then hairpin after hairpin.

At lunch we saw a lucky escape where a car knocked a motorcyclist off his bike, luckily with only minor injury.

With the second Furka run complete we picked off the motorway to Stuttgart where finally with the roads clear, no speed limit to slow us, we would up the pace a bit to the nights hotel, cruising nicely at 125 mph plus completing another 450 plus miles.

Tomorrow is a quieter day at museums with no driving to speak of, we can walk to Mercedes from the hotel so a rest day.


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