Tuesday 5 June 2012

Day 3 part 1

We went to see the famous track at Imola today and stood at the famous Tamburello curve where Senna had his fatal accident which was quite something. The track was quiet so we managed to have a good look around the start straght and other parts of the track before setting off to Maranello to the Ferrari factory.

We checked into the hotel opposite the factory entrance called the Planet Hotel which was also above the largest Offcial Shop in town, a place we returned to of course later. Funny we couldn't get the 355 or the Porsche into their underground garage without grounding out, you would have thought they would have sorted that out being so close to a supercar factory, so we parked outside.

A quick snack and then into the museum and factory proper. The museum was amazing with cars going back many decades along with a whole series of old and new F1 race cars. After the museum we started the factory tour via coach into the engine plant, component factory and then the assembly plant seeing the 458 italia, 458 spider and the California being out together to the final stages. A truly stunning opportunity and quite rare too.

We were then treated to the 599 FXX plant, the old F1 customer cars store and the full F1 build factory, which was all amazing.

We rounded off a very memorable afternoon with a view of Fiorano, then to the store to blow a few hundred Euro.

Dinner that night was at the famous Montana Restaurant.

The only downer of the day was an e mail saying the Lambo factory tour was cancelled because of the earthquake, the museum was still open though.

Day four was now looming.


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