Monday 4 June 2012

Day 2

Today we left Macon in the rain for our jaunt through France, around Geneva and through the Mont Blanc tunnel. The Porsche has settled in nicely and was making amazing sounds through the tunnel to the delight of the other cars and passers by. The images on the GoPro are great in full HD. Now in Switzerland we stopped off for some coffee in Courmeyeur before setting off deep into earthquake territory near Modena in Italy which is a bit scary, there was another rumble last night apparently,  before our onward trip to Imola and our overnight stay.

Tired after another 550 miles plus under our belt today, we know tomorrow will be only an hour or so in the car so much less by comparison.

Our first factory tour is looming and we are all very excited.

A long walk to supper though this night but the food was excellent, a cab ride home proved how many people you can get into an Prius afterwards.


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