Tuesday 5 June 2012

Day 4

This morning started with a fight through rush hour traffic from Maranello to Modena to start our factory tour of Maserati. We had exclusive access and spent two hours at the showroom and factory seeing the cars being made from the raw bodyshell right through to the completed car including full car testing and the handover bay, unlike Ferrari where that part was kept away from us.

We then departed the factory to head to the Lamborghini museum in Santa Agata and spent a while there both in the showroom, seeing the old cars right through to the Reventon and Aventador and had lunch in the restaurant opposite where they had an Aventador and Performante for rent.

We then dashed some 60 miles up to Verona to drop off Mrs G who was spending a few days there and promptly lost each other in the old town. We got stopped by the Police, had some real Top Gear moments of seeing each other in our rear view mirrors going the wrong way but failing  to meet and eventually met up way outside town at a service station.

We then followed a very busy lake road around Garda from one end to the other delaying us by a few hours before heading north across two mountain passes, the later being suitable only for goats and crossed a snow filled pass some 2500 metres up with 3 metre high drifts still present. Our eventual arrival in Bormio was only delayed by three hours in total but we found good food and beer at 1030pm to make up for the delays.

Tomorrow is the Stelvio.

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