Sunday 3 June 2012

Day 1 of EuropeanTour

A 415am start to the trip yesterday saw five people depart Herts for the Eurotunnel train across to France. 

A damp morning soon put paid to what were three immaculate cars, prepared, polished and gleaming for the road trip ahead. Within the first 30 minutes there were dirty and looked like they had just completed the whole trip rather than starting it.

The day however flew by with all of us being careful with the enthusiastic Gendarmes so that we reached Macon, some 550 miles later without speeding tickets or any unpleasant events, simply devouring an ample supply of 98 RON fuel.

The hotel was idyllic so we checked in, sat in the sun with fine wines and a beer and savoured the day, the fact we were in mid France on a Saturday night just about to enjoy what turned out to be an amazing dinner out on the garden and the pondered the start proper of our mega road trip.

Day two would see us through to Imola in Italy.


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