Tuesday 27 August 2013

PPH Next social event Tuesday 29th October

Dear PPH follower
Our next social event is planned for Tuesday 29th October from 6pm at the same hotel location as last time.
It would be great if you can join me and if you think you can please e mail me on my Mace mail to let me know.
I think we had 25 plus guests last time so the more the better and please bring friends/clients too.
Sorry but I need to raise this, can I ask though if you do come along please bring £10 start amount per head to go into a kitty as I was left with a large bill last time we all met and this group is all self funding.
Can you also think about what you fancy doing in 2014 as it would be good to get a few more of you at track days/race days and of course our weekender trips. All ideas welcome.
What about a MIPIM run for March 2014?
A trip to Spa?
A Ring trip with rented cars from RSR Racing (check them out on line)?
Le Mans?
Drive an F1 car in S France
Ice driving in the Artic?
Any interest in a Xmas lunch get together?
Finally can I encourage you to both blog back to my posts which you can do via my site and also find and 'LIKE' my facebook page "propertypetrolheads"
See you soon


  1. David

    Happily do drinks on Tuesday 29. Steve Hughes and I have agreed we will be doing the MIPIM trip on the bikes again and are looking for fellow motorcyclists, but we will happily meet up with the car crew on the way down.

    All the best


  2. Great will confirm numbers and location for the 29th soon. MIPIM is a real possibility but might look into car transporting for the way home. Anyone have any clues or possible companies to use?