Monday 2 July 2012

The priceless car group I was in on Saturday at the FoS at Goodwood included the following

  1. One early 1950s Mercedes endurance racers which were part of the Le Mans winning team.
  2. One 1950 Mercedes endurance GT car which won the Carrera Panamerica endurance race.
  3. The first post WW2 Grand Prix Mercedes driven by Jochen Mass.
  4. The Jaguar C type which was driven by Stirling Moss to multiple victories at Spa and Sebring and is the first disk-braked car to have won a race.
  5. The prototype Jaguar D Type.
  6. The first XK120 driven to its first victory at Silverstone by Stirling Moss and driven on the hill in our group by him.
  7. The 1950 BRM V16 which is the first BRM built and is owned by the National Motor Museum.  This car was driven by Moss, Fangio, Ascari and Gonzales in period.
  8. A Ferrari 250GTS (not priceless - the last example recently sold cost £24 million).
  9. A Connaught GP car driven by Tony Brooks in period to several F1 victories and driven by him on the hill in our group.
  10. A 1935 Lagonda Le Mans team car.
  11. A 1911 FIAT GP car
  12. A 1903 Mercedes Gordon Bennett race car.
  13. The 1912 Sunbeam Coupe de L'Auto which is the last survivor of the team which achieved a 1-2-3 victory in the Coupe de L0Auto in 1912 which was the first victory for a British make in International competition since 1902.  This car is also owned by the NMM.


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