Monday 20 February 2012

Up and coming events

This weekend on Sunday we have a return trip to the open pit lane at Silverstone. There is space for a car or two more and passenger attendance if anyone is interested, you can also hire track time from £60 if you are a signed in as passenger, which is well worth it in the Megane.

On 3rd March we have seven cars/couples signed up for our weekend away which will complete with a lunch half way home after the Goodwood breakfast event at the circuit on Sunday morning, the 4th March. In our group are Ferraris, Maserati's, Aston, BMW, Audi and of course Porsche. Come and join us and meet us at Goodwood if you are nearby.

Our final plans have been agreed and booked for the European road trip.

Depart the UK on 3rd June, drive through France to Imola, then factory visits to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, two days of mountain trips through the Stelvio, San Bernadino, Fluela and Furka passes and various tunnels, before going to Stuttgart to Porsche and Mercedes museums and factories. Then off to the Ring to watch racing and eventually arrive home on 10th June. We can stil extend numbers of anyone can actually join us.

The new GoPro camera has arrived and just needs to be set up for both of these.

We have the Sunday service via Pistonheads at Silverstone on 18th March and two further Silverstone trips, one in the RS 4.0 litre and GT3RS and GT2RS and another for the ARDS day, so a pretty busy few weeks ahead. I am attending all these.

Super car Sunday at Goodwood is on 6th May and finally the Porsche Cotsowld Rally on Sunday 27th May that two of the turbos are attending, so I am doing these two as well.

The only other event worthy of note here apart from car shows like Harpenden Common and Classics in the Walled Garden is the 28th October when the full GP circuit is again available with car hire and tuition to take your own machine round.



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