Tuesday 24 January 2012

PPH Track day No.1 2012

Two of us have signed up for the Silverstone open pit lane event on 26th February which is on the full grand prix circuit.
Its only £249, you can also hire an instructor for £20 for a few laps in your own car and for £60 you can get out in a new Megane with the instructor, which is well worth it from my time there pre xmas.
There are spaces left and its a very safe and sensible way of getting your car on track.
Let me know direct please if you think you might be able to come along and get your car up there and join us.
Happy also to take a passenger along in my car if anyone interested, you can get on track with me for I think £20 or something like that.
Don't forget we have a UK couples tour on 3rd March and the big European trip in June.

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