Wednesday 24 August 2011

New videos, events, social and track day

Hi everybody, I hope you have had or are having a good summer.
I am pleased that 20 people have signed up this week alone so the networking forum is doing as planned, so thank you for those expressing an interest, please spread the word.
I have uploaded two new videos, one of last year's Ring trip, that red 458 was stunning although we had no bad cars in our fleet and the in car is me in the Clio Cup on the Ring itself, the second is a few laps on the full Silverstone GP circuit a few months ago of me in the Radical SR3 RS. Note I kept letting cars go by me to save embarrassment for everyone else, well OK I wasnt fast enough, thats the truth. There is a huge leap of faith though needed in a car on slicks with wings on the grip levels it possessed which I hadnt quite got the confidence for. It was cornering up to 20 mph faster than both the GT3RS and the Scuderia we had that same day though and they werent slow. Trust me the Radical is so much more fun hence I want one.
Events looming of note.
A few of us are attending the EVO track evening at Bedford on the famous West circuit on 2nd September. Any more takers to come along. I wonder if I can get close the time laid down by Evo magazine for my car, it was the 24th fastest round there at 1 min 23.5, which seems slow compared with the RS's. The 458 was 1 minute 19.3 was stunning as third fastest road car of all time.
That weekend is also the 50th Porsche GB celebration so I am in Cirencester that Sunday displaying on the turbo register so might see other Porsche fans there.
You probably all noticed the offical launch of the all new 911 this week, looks good in early pictures, the turbo release date though is likely to be about two years away but I think it will be earlier.
More signifcantly what about the 458 Italia spyder with its folding hard top, what a machine that looks to be, shame about loosing the clear glass engine cover though. We won't see full details until Frankfurt motor show, anyone going?
Then I aim to have our first social in late September, I had thought early that month but am very busy at work so I will suggest a date soon, hope some of you can join me.
Finally events in my mind for late 2011 and then 2012, all need your support
I am hoping we could have an inagural event simply with a drive out in the south east to take in a lunch and simply a bit of road time together for anyone interested, watch this space for a suggested date but probably October before half term.
Then I would like to muster enough interest to get us together on a private track day just to test our cars out, nothing too scary for those who haven't done this before and finally a larger trip next late spring/early summer with a trip to the Alps, testing all the major alpine routes so via Route Napoleon to Cannes, along the south coast, up through Italy and then Germany to max the fleet before a possible Ring experience using RSR rental cars, to save anyone concerned about that circuit in their own fine machines. We did a great trip with wives in 2011 to Northern France so perhaps this one is lads/cars down on the mad stuff as being passenger on very twisty roads isnt great and then collect other interested halves on the way home for a night or two in Mid/Northern France. Again feedback required please as to what might interest you all.

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