Wednesday 31 August 2011

GTR Black

Well the last car of my current E25 membership arrives today until Friday, the iconic Nissan GTR Black, the one that loves to claim superiority over the 997 turbo, the one that laps the Ring quicker, the West Circuit at Bedford quicker (only just), although still behind the 'turbo S', the one everyone quotes as the best value in its class, the one that has G force meters built into its fancy dashboard and the one to be fair, that I think sports the best satnav system I have seen in any car at any price. Will I be tempted to order one in the future, ah but if I was just 25 again I might, as its a high tech machine of the younger generation I fear. The build quality is good for a £70k plus car but way short of the German equivalent, what has to make you smile though are the exhausts, they are simply huge.
Full feedback later this week.
Finally a couple of us are doing the Evo track evening at Bedford this week, I think they still have a couple of places free if you fancy joining us late Friday afternoon.

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