Tuesday 30 August 2011

Draft plans for 2012 European tour

Dear member
I had a look this weekend at the feasibility of doing a mega driving trip for next year and have some early positive feedback and interest already.
I attach a broad draft of the plan and welcome any thoughts and feedback as to level of interest.
It could be that I reverse it such that the long run to Italy is done by people happy to do a longer trip and the balance of interest catches up in Stuttgart and returns via the Ring making that part around 4 days over a weekend.
Anyway let me know what you think.
Here is my thinking so far as an early draft.
The main change compared with our France trip early in 2011 is that the first/last part depends which was we go, is more track and faster driving focussed on deristricted autobahns but the twisty alpine routes could be done just by those happy to do the full week and pop into Italy,
So as an initial draft idea. 
Day 1 Drive to Calais and on to Adenau via Bruxelles (thats where the Nurburgring is).  There are some great tunnels on that route which I have done before. Overnight near Ring. This is a full day on the road.
Day 2 Hire track cars for between 4 and 6 laps which is enough for beginners via RSR Racing who have Clio Cups and Megane between 249 and 749 euro, so 4 laps in the Cup is 249 euro which is ideal for first timers there. Then overnight nearby, say an hours drive south. I know a great hotel about an hour away across country.
Day 2 Drive to Stuttgart and in the afternoon do the Porsche factory tour and then overnite south of Stuttgart.
Day 3 Drive to the Stelvio pass in the morning and San Bernadino pass in the afternoon, then overnight nearby, that would be another very full day but they are close enough.
Day 4 Drive to Bologna and collect any partners after lunch time, who would have flown down, settle into nice hotel nearby
Day 5 Factory tour to Maranello in the morning and Sant'Agata in the afternoon, then overnight near Bologna again, perhaps same hotel. (Thats Ferrari and Lamborghini if you didnt know)
Day 6 Drive towards Geneva and overnight by the lake
Day 7 Drive to Reims and overnight near there.
Day 8 Drive to Calais and home
I reckon we are likely to do between 1750 and 2000 miles round trip so quite a lot but then just look at what we are trying to do and lets be realistic this isnt going to be cheap with car rental, lots of fuel for both car and driver and some nice overnight stops, although we can lower the cost when its just the lads on the first few nights.
I was thinking in May, but also have been thinking about another modifcation and taking in MIPIM.
Lets have some feedback please, I am keen to tailor a great event for next year with your support.

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