Thursday 18 February 2016

How great can good friends be??

Well I hadn't imagined that tonite I will get the chance to see the new Lewis Hamilton/Nico Rosberg F1 car, named WO7, have dinner with the team hosted by Paddy Lowe and then be on track at Silverstone as they do their inaugural track test of the car in 'relative' secrecy with a small select group of onlookers. Thank you to Jon Davis for asking me, hopefully I will be allowed to take pictures and share afterwards.

I will pack my race suit just in case none of the drivers show up and they need a stand in test driver! Having sat in the Ferrari F1 car from 2012 at the factory a few years back and realising that my arse was too big to get into the seat, means that opportunity is pretty unlikely. No harm in dreaming though.

You will have seen perhaps that Redbull announced their new car last night and that Ferrari are due to show theirs to the public tomorrow and then McLaren next week. The official date for the Mercedes is the 22nd though, I expect my camera phone to be confiscated.

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