Wednesday 4 November 2015

Great day out at Donington

After some shocking weather this week with fog and the day before at Silverstone falling victim to exactly that, yesterday at Donington was a stark contrast. Supported by Solutions Racing and with my pal Jon's SP300R alongside, we went out straight away from 9am and continued running to nearly 4pm when I stopped as my slicks were past it and giving me little turn in grip on right hand corners.

The ambition for the day was to get close to wet and dry times that cars in GT Cup (GTB class) have been running there this season to give me the data I needed to decide whether to try this TV based series across the UK in 2016 or not.

I smashed the wet tyre target pretty quick I guess because it wasnt properly wet and as a consequence also wore out the old wets we had, almost to the carcass. That was fine, they were part worn when I got the car. Wet tyre targets were c1 min 17 seconds for the National circuit, I was down to 1.15 on a damp slippery circuit as opposed to a wet one. So onto the slicks (again an old set to use them up) and with a drying track we got down to 1.13 and a bit, on laps which were rarely clean because of traffic. If you took the traffic part out re slower cars, put on new slicks which we had with us but didnt need or want to use (1.5 seconds maybe) we are down to 1.11 and in class contention so we are going to give GT Cup a chance next year and build from there.

So very happy with my own progress in the car, we had one 360 spin coming out of Coppice when my right foot was a little trigger happy but stayed on the blackstuff and felt it go so could control it ok and otherwise a fantastic day. I feel a bit batterred today as it was a lot of driving but what am amazing car.

Total 911 magazine continue to publish the artilces I am writing and now its all focus on 2016 and my sponsors whilst the car gets tucked away til springtime. More pics to follow once downloaded.

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