Friday 4 September 2015

Friday 11th September and Saturday 12th September

My plans to race the Cupcar on 12th September have been thwarted.

We needed to find a suitable MSA type 1a or 1b tyre to enter so this means a Toyo, Dunlop or Pirelli PSCup2 type and we simply can't find a tyre that fits a 12" wide rear 18" cup hub with the right width and circumference.

There was further concern that any track based tyre also may not last the pace with the cupcar anyway and simply fall apart, so the risks were starting to outweigh the benefits of racing at the weekend if any on track pace needed to be held back to survive a 30 min quali and 40 min race.

The car is really designed for slicks/wets so its now looking more actively for events in 2016 that would allow the cup to enter, there seem to be a few choices so certainly all is not lost.

There seems to be an option though for a US made 19" rim through Forgeline which is designed to run on a 997 cupcar that opens up much more tyre chice so that is being investigated but it won't all happen before the 12th. Concern will stil remain about tyre life.

But luckily there is a full test day on 11th September next Friday at Silverstone on the GP circuit, so I will be doing that to get this amazing car out and about again. Happy to offer passenger rides if anyone interested and facies coming to the circuit that day.

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