Tuesday 28 July 2015

September Car Trip

We are only a few weeks away now from our couples car trip to N France which will see 2 Ferrari 458 spiders, a Ferrari 355, 2 Astons, one being a V12 Volante and the other a V12 Vantage along with an Audi v10 Spider and a Porsche 997 GTS (which may get changed!!) heading off to a beautiful country chateau south of Paris, so an area we haven't been to before with this group. Also only three maybe four of the cars are the same this year so positive progress on the new car front since this picture at Dom Perignon.

Hopefully sunny skies, great wine and food and a bit of good driving will stretch all the legs of what I reckon is excess of 3500 horse power as we trot through the D roads and motorway network. Still some last minute planning to do but in a good place.

Hopefully by the time we go the traumas on the Eurostar are all over too and we get a clean run through both ways.

Until then .......



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