Monday 1 June 2015

Brands Hatch Race 4

A very bleak Sunday morning greeted us yesterday at Brands Hatch Indy Circuit with 37 cars on the grid for quali.

Not being a great fan of racing in the wet and boy did it rain, that initial reluctance was soon rewarded with some very quick lap times and a grid position far better than expected mid field with a rolling start due at lunchtime.

A SC second lap because the lead car went straight off, slowed down that initial adrenaline rush and we followed ducks and drakes around for a while but once lifted I made good headway getting up to P7 overall before pitting at the back end of the window, just under the third SC moment.

A great pitstop and ready to go out and I caught the red pit land light and got held for a lap and a half loosing nearly two minutes putting paid to what would have been my first ever top ten finish, possibly keeping that P7.

That said I was doing 1.03/4 laps consistently in the rain and completed a fantastic P12 overall a lap behind the winning pack and took a class second and a further little trophy for the study shelf. This was still my best ever race and one I was delighted to take part in.

There were 9 DNFs due to crashes which shows the weather perhaps but also how well balanced a 968 is in such conditions even on Direzza track tyres.

Rockingham next on 12th July so a bit of a break with slower past times and a holiday to come first.

Thanks also to the fan club I had on Sunday who braved the weather to watch this success.

Thanks also to Solutions Racing for giving me a great car for the occasion.


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