Tuesday 21 April 2015

Madness of rare car prices

I was just reflecting on the recent madness of rare car prices old and new

I see the 458 Aperta is trickling onto the second hand market....£599k for a left hand drive model, when list was less than half that, likewise the 991 GT3RS is likley to hit the second hand market soon at £250k would be my guess.

Its a strange balance for manufacturers when there is that much demand unsatisfied not to make just a few more cars, cant quite fathom it out when the rarity is so extreme. Is it really good business?

Sadly of course it means that neither are coming my way, so that has got me thinking what is next?

It wont be the 488 Ferrari as about 18 months after launch there will be plenty around. Maybe the next limited edition one of those?

It will only be RS Porsches in reality and you have tyo have had one to get one.

Classics are actually more predictable but surely are near the top of their price point for air colled 911's

Anyway back to the racing, the second round of the CSSC is looming, after a mixed day at Snetterton I am hoping for cleaner lines, better racing and better results at Silverstone in a couple of weeks time.


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