Monday 2 February 2015


Well after a sluggish and cold start we got the 968 out on track for the first time this year, first bedding in new brakes which we did but the car was pulling to the right under load and braking. After a bit of diagnosis it was the camber that had moved on one wheel so that sorted and a good session with Calum Lockie then followed for driver tuition, all seemed set for a good afternoon.

We had managed also to get the 458 out but after a tank slapper that required 8 turns/counter turns to bring under control at Copse at high speed, discretion suggested best to limit track time in that.

So back out after lunch, car running great, lap times falling and techniques from the coaching session in play all seemed well for Myles go and his lessons when bang......I thought a tyre had gone at first....again at Copse under some speed/load or that we had a major misfire but everything died and I feared the worse in engine terms.

Luckily we coasted to behind the marshals at Maggots and got a tow back.

Not sure still what the issue was, cam belts in tack, top end not munched, no metal bits after draining the oil but engine turnover not smooth when cranked so stopped for the day.

That forced me back in the 458 for a bit with well heated up tyres this time and a halt to our day by 3

Anyway that's why they are called shakedown days

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