Thursday 30 October 2014

Post test feeling

Just heading back to the office and sadly no actual pictures to share of the Huracan as Millbrook block camera phones and the event was all inside the fence line.

On a damp road surface having 4wd is an obvious advantage and that transfers well to the road giving a huge amount of confidence at over 150 mph on the bowl and 175 mph on the one mile straight. It hooks up well from a standing start and even on the hilly Alpine circuit it was difficult to get it moving around much apart from under steer, I guess created by its traction control system.

It was well built, Audi everywhere sensation and that dulled the old Gallardo sensation of being mad which for me is what these cars are all about. The gadgets added such as the red starter behind a switch are simply unnecessary and annoying.

It's looks good though from the front and side, feels very heavy at the back in my view, good dash, driving position and controls, very high tech dials, camera, satnav so not a lot to knock there.

In fact not a lot to complain about anywhere.....BUT it was more like my old Turbo S....stupidly fast, very capable but just lacking soul.

A 458 can be a scary feels like it could throw you off the road if you don't respect it whereas the Huracan will boost your perceived driving skills all the time and for me that's a shame.

This Huracan is still one of the best in the sector though and will no doubt sell well.

Next test drive is the McLaren 650s to see if they have stepped their game up since the original MP12C.....I have been invited so rude again to say no thanks!

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