Tuesday 7 January 2014


With Xmas well and truly over we can look forward to another year of motoring, racing and car related travel.

This weekend sees the arrival of the Autosports Show at the NEC. I shall be there on trade day this Friday if anyone else is planning a trip.

I need to decide from that which race series is going to be for me this year, CSCC or the new Dunlop Porsche Series. 

This Sunday I then have a limited access ticket to see the Gallardo replacement in a London warehouse. You may have seen it in pics already but it goes live at the Geneva Motorshow so this is a preview with no cameras or phones allowed!

We have planned a trip to the Ring early summer and then the couples trip to perhaps Spa this year around September. Let me know if you are interested.

We are hoping also to do the Le Mans Classic along with the obligatory Goodwood FoS, various breakfasts, Pistonheads events, car shows such as Wilton House Classic which was great last year in the parade and more local Herts related activity.

We had a great trip to a local restorer over the break, Bell Classics who restore Astons and Ferraris, so recommend you look them up if you need work like that. Their attention to detail has to be seen.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on getting together this year please either by blogging back or e mail. Please also try and join via Facebook if you can this year.

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