Thursday 3 October 2013

French trip and Goodwood Supercar breakfast this coming Sunday

We had a great weekend away in N France last weekend with 6 cars/couples enjoying empty roads, great weather, great hotels and most importantly great driving. We used only D roads and quiet N roads and were not disappointed, many were simply awesome and allowed my car at least, to stretch its legs to over 170mph.

As the year begins to draw to a close motoring wise, my racing season has competed and I can now reflect on what I have achieved and what I can look forward to in 2014. The car has gone well, I have learned a lot and even managed to get a class trophy at one event. I think we can squeeze in a track day or two before Santa arrives though.

We are also coming close to the end of year for car events and shows but this Sunday is the infamous Italian Sunday breakfast at Goodwood. I have a ticket but with recent car packed exploits not a lot of support interest this time, so am still in two minds whether to go. Anyone interested in an early morning trip down there please let me know. I think we are three only so far.


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