Monday 26 August 2013

Racing update

Back ok from Donington from the CSCC event on Saturday.

27 cars this time and managed a 19th with laps of 1.28, about 5/6 seconds off the right pace for the car, so not wholly disappointed, I just couldn't get the first corner right so need some tuition and reckon I can make up 2/3 seconds just from that one alone it was that bad!

Anyway, another signature on the licence, the car is going well, I just need to up my pace.

So next racing is Silverstone on the full GP circuit, one I consider my best known circuit but its in the fiercest competition the Porsche Club challenge. Three rounds or races of 25 mins each plus practice sessions for each this time though over two days so a big event but one that will complete my formal racing for this season.

If anyone fancies coming along it would be great to see you there its on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September.


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