Friday 28 June 2013

Top Gear Track and British GP

A bit quiet my end recently I know.

A couple of us took part in the recent charity event for The Children's Trust at the famous Top Gear track and contributed towards raising over £75k net this year by offering paid passenger rides. It was a good dry day but we had a couple of problems in that my bonnet flew off requiring a replacement windscreen too and other minor work, but gaffa tape saved the day and we kept going regardless. John D managed to plant his SP300R into one of the water filled barriers so quite an adventurous event all round.

So the 968 is being sorted for its first Porsche Club time trial event at the Goodwood track in August leaving July largely as a holiday month and an imminent two week break just around the corner now for a spot of sailing. Goodwood is on the 3rd and we plan to be at Wilton House on the 4th August in Salisbury for the Sunday, with entry tickets sorted out.

This weekend is of course the GP and we have managed to get tickets in and will be at Stowe Lakeside and Mansell Restaurant. It will be a long day as we are dropping in via the best way possible a helicopter and not out again until 6pm. Hopefully some of you might be there in which case please shout and perhaps we can meet up.

We then start a busy time in August and September with car shows, more racing and hopefully a replacement car to the turbo S which was sold back in January now.

I will be also planning another drinks session in September in London and we have our annual couples car trip in September also to look forward to, which is to France again and the champagne area. So far seven couples/cars have agreed to come, which is fantastic.

Finally, I am trying to move this more to Facebook where its easier to post pics, videos and calendars etc so may I encourage you to link in and follow that too.


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