Tuesday 12 February 2013

Track days and PPH Racing

Dear colleague

Well first day done at Silverstone with the new car and that went well. The new seats are perfect along with the Schroth belts. I bought a matching Schroth Hans neck support from GPR that morning which adds to the sense of safety whilst on the road.

The weather was awful though with cars spinning off everywhere and causing constant track closures and red lights but it was ideal to begin to learn what the car can do in the trickiest of situations. We now have a list of little things to fix or enhance before it goes out next time round, mostly cosmetic. I am also underway with a graphics pack to make it look like a race car as opposed to just going like one. Hopefully have that done in the next couple of months.

Next two events by the way are Silverstone on Sunday 24th Feb and Donnington for my first ever time on 7th March, so midweek. I am now learning the track via youtube. I have my first race in the calendar on Sunday August 25th, the Bank Holiday weekend there and am looking for an earlier event during the summer as well to try, either Modern Classics or 750 roadsports.

I want to get around Bedford too as a track I know which all helps me set the car up to help me get round more quickly.

So come on, bring your track car and join us, Jon is taking his amazing Caterham SPR300 to the Donnington day on March. Hopefully we can get a few more along too.


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