Wednesday 16 January 2013

Latest acquisition

After much talk and looking at various cars over three months I have purchased a classic Porsche race car for 2013. I will circulate details when its in my eventual possession but deposit is paid and its due in a week or so with the first track day following in late February. It's for full on track days and some racing this year.

It's a new build Porsche 968 to full championship race spec, so stripped and dipped shell, welded in cage, I have bought new racing seats to suit my size.......ok I admit large as opposed to 'Superleggera' size.

Hopefully the not quite as old 997 road car will be gone soon as well.

I suspect Butten, Hamilton et al will be safe in their beds but I am looking forward to the challenges of increasing my race craft. It will also inspire of course an active forum of activity this year and hopefully your co participation.

Now for the final choice on a loud graphics package, so at least it looks fast!


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