Sunday 30 September 2012

France weekend and future track days

Not been blogging much recently but we have been busy nonetheless.

The Brighton Speed trials went well with a low 11 seconds recorded for my car for the standing quarter which is about 124 mph across the line, so enough to win the practice event and come second in real time to a tuned GTR in the event proper, a lowly 8th though after handicap in a class of 48 cars. For my first time trial run under MSA regs, I was happy with that.

Our team entry to win the Camp 4 trip to Finland proved to be a good day out at Silverstone, annoyingly we came second out of many teams, so missed out on the main prize by small margins. Very impressed with the new 991 model which was pretty fluent on track, although the drifting in the GT3rs is still my favourite. The new GT3 next year could be the right car to get next time round.

Talking of which, my turbo S is now up for sale, not two years old and with just 11000 miles on it, it's time to move it along and step out of these for a bit, thinking about track and racing events for 2013. Anyone interested please let me know. It's a bargain compared with list price for the purchaser, although not the seller unfortunately, but is simply an epic car. You won't find a faster road car unless you are spending north of £500k.

We have just comeback from our autumn French trip which this time saw 4 cars and 4 couples cross under the channel to the battlefields of the Somme. We found an amazing location to stay in, explored some amazing quiet and fast D roads and took on board some moving scenery and history of how our fore fathers stood knee deep in mud for years on end fighting a pointless war. We are already planning the Spring jaunt.

Getting quieter now on the car event front but have a Millbrook track event looming which I am really looking forward to and will tell you all about that when I am back, and then hopefully the last Silverstone track event of 2012 on Sunday October 28th. 

I am looking to hire a track race car for the day to save further wear to my own car and its available for sharing with anyone who might be interested. Budget will be around £300-400 each if three of us share which will get you about 2-3 hours track time in whatever we choose. It's likely to be a Renault Cup car, Caterham or Lotus but open to ideas.  Please contact me in the next week or so if interested. It's on the full GP circuit so the best one there.

Finally we will get around to getting the London social events going again, so I hope to do one pre Xmas to see you then.


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