Friday 24 August 2012


Been a quiet few weeks because of holidays but a couple of events now looming
Its the Chris Evans, of Radio 2 fame now, Carfest event this weekend and we are attending on the Saturday, so let me know if you are there. Tickets are all sold out so you will already know about it if you are interested.
On Saturday the 8th September I am entered into the Brighton Speed Festival, which means a couple of standing quarter mile blasts down the sea front starting early that day, I will need to be there by 730am for scrutineering etc etc. Praying for a damp morning so that my 4wd and launch control give me an advantage. Can I beat 11 seconds which is technically possible as Porsche say with the Turbo S it can do 10.6 or less. To put that into comparison, a McLAren F1 is about 11.5, the MP4-12C is 10.8, the Ferrari 430 is 12/12.5 and the 458 is 11 seconds. All very slow basically! Lets see. Only the Bugatti Veyron is faster as a production car, hovering around 9.9-10.5 depending on model.
I have a Panamera group/team event on Monday 10th September which is a competition to see if we can win Camp 4 tickets in Finland next year, then our couples weekend away on 21-23rd September to France and finally the last planned track day of the year on the full GP circuit at Silverstone on October 20th when my friend will have his new Caterham SPR 300 there which by the way looks and sounds fantastic.

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