Sunday 24 June 2012

Top Gear track at Dunsfold Sunday 24th June

Well it's a wet and cold mid summer morning here at Dunsfold at a charity event driving people around the famous track in return for a donation to the Children's Trust.

About 50 cars here at the moment to ho on track so a bit of a slow start but more arriving, punters due here from about 930am onwards. Drivers sign in starts in about 20 minutes then we get some practice laps in to get to know the track.

900 payng customers went around yesterday which the organisers were delighted with. The weather is meant to pick up later too which will help.

More Ferraris than you can shake a stick at, which will be great.....not.....on a wet slippery track and some big V8 muscle cars, also good on a wet track...not and a lonely turbo s which will stick to the track like glue...hopefully.


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