Sunday 13 May 2012

Silverstone Track day on the international circuit

As the sun sets on another great track day we had fantastic weather, a pretty quiet track and some great cars to spend the day with. Martin's Caterham with its new LSD was performing well until it sprang a temporary leak just when it was my turn to passenger with him which was a great shame. I was very impressed with the R8 we had with us in standard trim and even more so by the R8 race car some of us had a go in. Sill wasn't quick enough to loose the little white 911 though which was on fire today, not literally I must point out.

Please watch out for future dates at Silverstone in 2012, it's a great venue and come and join us.

Good to see Jon who dropped by in his 355 to watch and passenger with us and watch carefully the 458 and McLaren on track, the latter was so quiet I thought it was an electric vehicle!

Off tyre shopping now as this weekend has take its toll finally on my P Zeros.


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