Tuesday 27 March 2012

The three RS's

Had a great time trying out the three RS cars today, first the GT3RS, then the rare 4.0 litre version then the GT2RS.

I have tried the standard car before including a full track day in one and it's a great bit of kit, although on acceleration it lacks the get up and go I am used to. The 4.0 is a very impressive car, the best sound of them all, looked brilliant in white in the sunshine with a huge rear spoiler and offered a lot more pick up through its increased torque and made better internal sounds via the single mass flywheel. It's was raw and very entertaining but is it worth the £200k I saw one on Pistonheads over the weekend....the answer unless you are a collector then no, it's not twice as good as the standard gen 2 RS. Great if you bought one though and it's gone up £60k!

Then I tried the GT2RS, now with turbo power and 611 HP a very fast road car and one that is for pure entertainment the best of the bunch in my view and one I could live with. But then I come all the way back to my current car, just about the same performance and 4wd so despite the amazing opportunity to try these back to back I have chosen the right all rounder, just need a bit more talent on the driving which 4wd flatters as my many sideways moments on full throttle on exit could today testify to.....all cars balanced very well though in this condition, the 4.0 the best coupled with the best turn in as you entered the corner.

Happy days

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