Monday 27 February 2012

Becketts to Chapel

Another good track day at Silverstone yesterday taking advantage this time of two sessions in the Megane with an instructor and some instruction in my own car as well as more Porsche time on my own which never ceases to amaze, even on part throttle you are running at the pace of much of the traffic there.

Had an unfortunate moment heading to Chapel though in the Megane, had just swapped cars and the tyres in the Megane were cold which caught me out with and I quote the instructor here, 'that's the first time I have ever spun there with a client', so glad I made his day. It was at least a 360 possibly more it was a bit of a blur!

Our weekend away is now looming and the European trip now in final route map stage which is looking good.

A London drinks event will be planned in April.


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