Friday 9 December 2011

Regular events

Good to see a few of you last night, I plan to carry on with a regular monthly catch up over a beer so hopefully will see a few more of you in January and the months ahead. Over the break I will attempt to get the calender functioning and preset dates for future get togethers to get into people's busy diaries early.
Remember our first track event is next Saturday which I think has 5 attendees in our network which is really good, so I look forward to seeing you there.
One thing mentioned to me is a more regular Sunday or Saturday drive to clear the cobwebs so I will plan a few of those in the Spring. Some of us do this already but it would be great to widen the Grouping. We can then just pubish a start point for the Group to meet.
regards, thanks for your support and interest to date and Happy Xmas

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