Sunday 4 September 2011

Evo track day at Bedford West circuit

Had a great evening at Bedford on Friday in sunny dry conditions with Evo magazine. The car was sensational on the circuit and even with short shifting because of noise restrictions it was topping 155 mph on the back straight. What amazed was the grip and the way in which the dynamic engine mounts and VTG (torque vectoring) system made a big difference to the way the car handled compared with the Gen 1 car. Turn in was faultless. The PCCB (ceramic brakes) were also stunning. Fortunately both car and driver completed the event without even a scary moment and the car is perfect and clean again, although the tyres show the effects of some enthusiastic cornering.
We didn't however venture to the Club 50th event in Cirencester today, a late night coupled with awful weather today put paid to that idea.

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