Friday 15 July 2011

Maserati convertible

Well another supercar bites the dust on my wish list, just been trying the new Masser convertible for 24 hours and its good but still way short of a couple of my favourites for driving pleasure and the sheer smile factor. Its steering is a bit vague, the pick up slow when you put your foot down (again remionding me just how fast the turbo s is) and you feel the scuttle shake more than most cars, I guess because its so long on the chassis. That said, roof top down motoring is always good when the sun is out and has been last night and this morning, the burble from the engine is good, a lot more sedate than the GTS model I drove last year though. Build quality is good, some nice touches although being Italian it still has some odd switches and buttons that seem like afterthoughts. Next week its a few days back in the 458 Italia so smile factor wil be at a maximum again.

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