Monday 11 May 2015

Silverstone race 3 2015

A reasonable quali saw me 4th in class and wedged in the Porsches with two boxsters adjacent to me and 944s in front and behind, on a dry track on Sunday.

A good start but didnt manage to grab any places by T1 or T2.

The BMW M3's surged ahead as always to begin their race leaving us in our own class to battle for position.

Early on I took a tap from behind as an Impreza turbo tried to get by but I had closed the gap, gaining my first battle scar in racing since I started. He managed to then get by me but within a couple of laps I changed that and it stayed that way til the end of the race. I know he posts on youtube so having apologised to me after the race said he would upload the evidence!

I then pressed on having a constant battle with a super newly prepped Boxster, we kept swapping places and my laps times were falling to my best ever there, then I got ambitious using the line Calum Lockie has taught me in front of the BRDC stand and the spectators, got the Boxster through that move and then lost it, thought I had caught the slide well, then hit the grass and span 360 degress leaving the Boxster moving off without me. 

I fought hard and despite losing that position, having a slightly slow pitstop with belts not in properly, I nearly caught the same car by the end of the race and secured P3 in class and another small trophy.

Next race is Brands on Bank Holiday weekend, a great venue to watch events if anyone interested, there are a few coming already.

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