Tuesday 21 January 2014

Race weekends and dates for 2014

Plans now finalised, please feel free to come and watch at any of the races.

These dates will include 1x20 min quali, then two 20 min races in the Dunlop Porsche series, new for 2014 and then one quali and one 40 minute race on the same day in the Modern Classics category of CSSC, some of you saw this race at Brands last year.


13th April at Snetterton

11th May at Silverstone

1st Jun at Brands Indy

2nd August at Anglesey (weekend away so overnite on 1st August)

30 August at Donington

18th October at Snetterton


Potentially Spa weekend which is 27th-29th June in addition.


I expect in addition to do some track days and test days and I guess I need to get onto Snetterton before the first race as a practice once the car is up and running again, so sometime late March?



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